Social Activities for Brisbane Asians

Welcome to Brisbane Asians

Welcome to the social activities group for Brisbane Asians aged 25 years and above. The purpose of this group is to encourage asians to meet with each other, participate in social activities, and make new friends and acquaintances in Brisbane. Note that Brisbane Asians is not a dating site.

We're about: Friends, Meeting New People, Dining Out, Make New Friends, Social, Night Life, Social Networking, Asian Professionals, Asian.

Living in Brisbane

Brisbane is a lively and thriving city, changing and growing continuously. Whether you've lived here all your life or just got off the plane, there are many places to visit here, and much to experience. Okay, so maybe the restaurants cannot compare with those in other cities. Or the lifestyle seems a bit more laid back and relaxed than you're used to. In any case, here you are, you're living in Beautiful Brisbane.

The Asian Connection

So while you're here in Brisbane, you might as well get to know more of your fellow Brisbanites (Brisbanians?). Because of the rich diversity of people who live here, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You could join a special interest group or a sport club. If you're asian or have parents who are, then you share something in common with members of Brisbane Asians. You can join us! It's a little easier to meet new people when you have something in common. So you're asian? Ice's broken already. Let's get down to business.

Social Interaction

Brisbane Asians provides you with a social outlet. You can develop your communication skills in a social setting. Take part in group activities. Practise putting names to faces. Enhance your emotional quotient. Talk with your mouth full of food at a restaurant. Tell jokes at picnics without fear of humiliation or retaliation. And if you are really keen, ask the Chief Executive Organizer politely for permission to host your own meetup event! Just think. Superhero organising powers could be yours if you wish hard enough. And most importantly...

Make New Friends

You may be stuck with family but you can always choose your friends. Like many other meetup groups, Brisbane Asians gives you the opportunity to expand your circle of friends. Stay in touch with those you like being with. Enjoy the rapport and respect among friends. Enrich your life.

Build Understanding

Having something in common will help to break the ice among strangers initially. However, differences in views and opinions provide the opportunity for us to build understanding and mutual respect. At Brisbane Asians, express your views and also appreciate the many different views of others. Enjoy talking and sharing your story. Listen to others tell their stories, and come to understand them and what makes them who they are. Get fresh ideas and new points of view. Be inspired and enrich your life.